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With great determination, ambition and wits the business-minded extraordinaires behind Supercheap Storage prove that a small idea can be a huge success! Let’s take a little glimpse into the journey of storage and where it’s heading. This market category is growing fast and SCS has come a long way to remain in front of the pack! With an ever-increasing demand for storage solutions along with increased pressures on time and busy and apartment living lifestyles, the concept of MOBILE self-storage came about. Supercheap Storage listened and understood that customers really need – a more convenient and time saving storage solution and transporting option that won’t break their backs and their bank.

First world problem! Doing the loading and moving this all to the warehouse, right? We are all guilty for taking the easy (and why not!), especially when it comes to doing the heavy lifting and time consuming tasks. “Don’t work harder, work smarter” we say at Supercheap Storage

Now that our storage problems have been answered *Heavenly choir music* Lets rejoice in the celebration of opening of many more convenient storage warehouse facilities.

Where you’ll find the next Supercheap Storage? Well we are all across Australia in 15 different locations AND now we are super excited to reveal our newest store location… it’s far, far away in the land of amazing skiing adventures, sheep and mountains (oh and The Lord of the Rings). Yep, that’s right New Zealand. The adventurous and Super talented Nathan Davidson, both in character and business aspirations.  Nathan is a current owner of a successful store in NSW and saw an opportunity to take this model to his second home New Zealand, opening his first Store in Auckland.

New Zealand Self Storage

Self storage business Franchiser in NZ


Little Fish In The Big Pond


A business idea can almost always reap great benefit when it’s innovative backed by a proven and robust franchising model. In this case, Supercheap Storage took a simple yet already established marketplace in storage and revitalized it with outside the box thinking. It’s not always a crazy idea no one has ever thought of before, but an idea already out there and looked upon from a different perspective. That’s exactly what Supercheap Storage did by making self-storage mobile, meaning that you never have to leave your house to store away your goods ever again.

Rising Above a Competitive Market

Cutting through a competitive market can be highly stressful and can diminish any hope or aspiration of being market leaders. By having a product you’re proud of and strongly believe it serves great a purpose for your customers. Being persistent and having great marketing strategies and initiatives supporting it can always help others see it the way you do. There is certainly a demand for storage in Australia – especially in urban areas – where the competition is greater and to market yourself from the rest means you have to be unique and sell your product to be the BEST in business.

Entrepreneur Edward Thirlwall, had a vision of making storage convenient and cost effective for our customers. Soon many other business-minded individuals took this idea on board as they also too saw the lack of or better yet improved storage solutions that many customers seek.


Embracing the Product

Focusing your energy on what sets you apart from competitors is exactly what Supercheap Storage continues to do, and do well. A uniqueness and point of difference is what customers take away from their buying experience. Most customers of Supercheap Storage are surprised and delighted with the convenience of moving into storage.

It is true, most of us are turned off by the thought of double handling stuff at home into storage units and also transporting it. But now all of a sudden, storage doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.

What’s this service called? Well, that would be Supercheap Storage’s Premium service. It sounds expensive, but really, it’s relatively cheap considering the many benefits you get out of it.

Mobile Storage Units

SCS loading the storage module


The sizable storage module or unit is delivered straight to your residence, then loaded by the professional SCS team and as you watch on, they’re finished in no time. They then transport it safely back into their storage facility where it continues to be held securely and safely, ready for access whenever you want.

What to expect next

At the rate Supercheap Storage are going, we expect to see more people realising the benefit of mobile self-storage and a greater demand for this service. This means more you will be seeing more of Supercheap Storage near you.



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