We have loaded, moved and stored the goods for thousands of customers, and over time we have created the below ‘tried and tested’ checklist to assist you in preparing for pick up day. To keep your goods safe and secure at all times, and to minimise your pick up time check out these fail safe strategies to keep your day stress free and Super easy!


  • Dispose of anything that you don’t think you will need in your new premises rather than storing and transporting it. You can do this by selling it on Ebay, give to friends/family, or donate to charity.
  • Create a packing plan – decide what will be packed into what.
  • Write an inventory list of the major items, and groups of smaller items, that you are packing.


Blog ImageClearly label every box with its enclosed items as you finish, for your own reference.

Wrap any breakables securely in bubble wrap or butchers paper.

Work from the largest and heaviest items up to the smallest and lightest items in a box.

Double-tape the bottom of all boxes to make sure the bottom doesn’t fall out when lifted.

Ensure you don’t overload boxes – purchase proper moving boxes, check the weight rating.

Our moving mantra, “If it fits inside a box, pack it inside a box”. This is the safest way to move and store your goods.


  • Freezers and fridges must be cleared off all food items and defrosted at least 24 hours prior to moving day. Be sure to dry out fridge completely and empty the water tray located at the back of the fridge or freezer.
  • You should consult the suppliers manual for moving advice for your specific electrics and electronics.
  • Appliances such as washing machines, fridges, and dishwashers must be completely drained and dry.
  • Wrap up electrical cords and tape them to the side of the appliance.
  • Tape any doors shut.
  • Turn off the gas and disconnect lines to gas appliances.
  • Take toner and ink cartridges and removable media out of your electronics.
  • Mark which cords go into which ports on your TV, DVD player, computer, etc.
  • Empty the drawers and shelving inside furniture such as desks, wardrobes, dressers, etc.

Spray any wooden furniture with a good quality furniture oil and wipe off any excess, to help prevent drying and cracking while in storage.


  • Breakables such as pictures and mirrors are safest stored on their end, rather than flat.
  • Lamps are best stored with the base and shade separated and wrapped in bubble wrap, or in a box.
  • Protect mattresses and lounges from dust, by storing them inside a furniture protector.
  • Drain the fuel out of any power tools, mowers and motorbikes.
  • Sprinkle some bi-carb soda in with books and clothing to help prevent odours forming while they’re in storage.
  • If you know you will need to access any items while they are in storage, load them last (close to the door of the module).
  • Clearly mark fragile items and notify your moving team on the day.
  • Do NOT pack your passport or important documents deep into your module!

If you require cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, butchers paper, furniture protectors or any other packing supplies, contact Supercheap Storage on 1300 662 162 and we can have them delivered to you before moving day.

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