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Packing Tips From The Pros On How To Maximise Your Storage Unit Space

Storage Tetris is a thing – it is the only way you can maximise space in your storage unit or module and prevent household items from potential breakage. Having a mix of household items of all different shapes and sizes to fit perfectly flush can feel like a tricky game of Jenga. It can often lead to hired self storage unit spaces not being used to its fullest potential, leading to wasted money. With help from the Supercheap Storage loading pros, you are able to better organise your stuff and get the most out of your storage module!

Organise For Easy Access

Just as you get all your storage goods together, make a side note of the ones you’ll need to access often and place them in a separate pile for loading later on. This way when you go to access your self storage module you won’t have to double handle your items by unloading and reloading your stuff back in every time you need to access it. We always recommend leaving a little walkway leading to the center of your module – this way you can get a decent look into everything you’ve stored without dismantling it.

Distribute Weight Evenly  

To distribute the weight of your items equally means to have a generous balance of heavy objects on each side of the module, to secure it during transport or forklift movement. Start with heavy furniture items; your sofa, mattress or flat packs on each end and have them stacked vertically. But before you begin the lifting process, we recommend laying some cushiony blankets on the floors surface to prevent movement and scratches on your goods.

Making The Most Of Floor Space

Filling up the floor space of your module too soon can pretty much leave you feeling defeated! You’re left to climb over your furniture to add what’s left – essentially a dumping ground is the situation you’re left with. To save valuable floor space get together the long and bulky furniture to fit upwards, so have them standing on its side. Now start to put the puzzle together, determine which household items sit well with one another and work from the end of the module to the front.

The Rest

Once you’ve got a handle on all your larger items and they’re placed evenly together, go ahead with the smaller objects like boxes or containers. These are more straightforward to load, the only advice to give is make sure that your heavier boxes are placed on the bottom and of course lighter ones on top. This helps to prevent any of your items from toppling over one another. We also recommend adding in any extra padding or blankets where possible, in between crevices or on top of one another. This is why we offer complimentary blankets to ensure a sturdy resting place for your items, and if movement does occur your household items have extra padding to fall back on.

Protecting Your Stuff

Fortunately for you and your goods the modules at Supercheap Storage are engineered with breathable plywood to prevent humidity and moisture; the ideal environment for mould build up. Mould is a question of concern for most customers wanting storage. There are hacks to prevent this from happening, and a cost-effective suggestion we make is to clean your household items with baking soda or have it stored within your belongings to draw out any moisture. Be careful of using plastic to cover any of your stuff – while you might assume you’re protecting it by adding an extra layer – water vapours can get trapped within the plastic setting off the growth of mould.


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