We do the work. Or you do the work.

No matter which Super Easy Storage Plan you choose — our Premium Service where we do all the loading, or our Standard Service where the customer does the loading— you’ll come out the same way: ahead.

That’s not just because we’re cheaper than the others — we’re also better, with more options, better servicing, and even free packing items that others charge for.

All these advantages are possible because of our Advanced Portable Module System that has moved storage solutions into the 21st century. We deliver it right to your home or office where it’s loaded, and then we transport it to our safe, secure facility for storage.

What makes our Premium Service so popular is that it offers so much.
While you have to do so little.

In fact, about all you really need to do is call us, tell us what needs to store, and when you need to store it, and we’ll take it from there. Our experts will tell you which of our portable modules is right for you — either our 7 cubic meter Mini-Mod or our 10 cubic meter Maxi-Mod. Then they’ll give you a fixed price, set a pickup date, and let you forget that you ever worried about how to store your goods.

And the price we give for our Premium Service is fixed, so you know what you’re paying and what you’re getting. What you’re getting is a lot:

  • The right size Portable Module you’ll need, delivered right to your home or business.
  • Two expert movers and packers, and their travel time.
  • Loading all of your items safely into the Portable Module.
  • Protective padding to secure the items in place, which keeps them safe when being transported to our facility.
  • Delivery of your locked Portable Module to our secure, weatherproof, monitored warehouse.

With our Standard Service, you do the work.
But we still help you in a lot of other ways.

With the Standard Service, you’ll be doing the packing and loading of your goods into the Portable Module. But we’ll help make sure you get the right size module for your specific needs and give you a fixed price so you know precisely what you’ll be spending.

We’ll set the date that works best for you, deliver the Portable Module right to your home or office, give you an hour to load it, then take your locked and loaded Portable Module back to our warehouse for safe and secure storage.

So, with Super Easy Storage, gone are the old days of loading your goods in a car or van, driving to the storage place, unloading, then moving the items into the storage unit. Why would anyone ever again consider doing twice the work, when Supercheap Storage is here for you?

And we’ll beat any other comparable estimate you get by 10%*. So when we say we’re the cheapest, we mean we’re the cheapest. And we’re also the best. Which, we believe, are the two things that matter most to you.