Expert tips from our Style Series

Transform the look of your living room in a few EASY steps. By Chris Carroll

Forget about the kitchen being the hub of the home, because if you ask me it’s all about the living room. And today I want to show you some super quick, easy and affordable ways to change up the entire look of your space in just a few minutes.

This video will show you how we have changed a living room which is pretty subdued and monochromatic. By changing just a few elements in the space, we’re going to give this room a bright, bold and feminine edge.

The first room is a little rustic, quite calm and even a little masculine. The artwork is graphic, there’s a good dose of greenery about to give it some life, and it even has some industrial moments.

The good news is, that with a room like this, you can easily give it a new lease on life if you find that it’s starting to bore you over time.

So what do we keep and what do we need to change?

The sofa, coffee table and side tables should stay in the space. They are investment pieces, and I always say that it’s smart to choose larger items like these in plain or neutral tones. It just allows for more longevity.

Taking out the rug you can see in the video it’s a black rug and replacing it with a blue geometric number. It’s the starting point for the space’s new feel and has a real visual impact.

Tips when choosing a rug!

When you’re choosing a rug, think about whether you want it to be the focal point in the room or whether it’s going to be a supporting player. Because you don’t want too many vibrant moments fighting for your attention.

What’s next?

The blue tones from the rug we can replicate in artworks, from here you can also introduce some pink shades to give the room a more feminine feel. And this will pull the look together, we’ll place not only blue cushions on the sofa but also some pink.

The most important thing is to ensure the room is feeling well balanced, as you can see, the shell is the same subdued space it was before, but the new pieces have made it feel much fresher and brighter.

Finishing Touches

To round off the look, bring in some accessories for the coffee table that tie into the colours you’ve used in the art, cushions and rug. It’s always important when you’re putting a room like this together that you have pieces around the room connect and talk to each other stylistically.

Expert Tip!

I like to think of the homewares in my room as friends. I know, it sounds weird, but when you’re styling a space you’ll be able to hold up two pieces and figure out if they’re friends or not. If they don’t look like they’d hang out together, one probably needs to go in another room.

So there you have it; a living room was taken from monochromatic, rustic and masculine, and given a bright, bold and girly vibe. It didn’t cost a bomb, it took no time at all, and the good news for you at home is that you can easily change up the look of your living room just as fast and just as thrifty!