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Thanks to its rich industry knowledge and years of experience, Super Easy Storage servicing the Adamstown area has managed to familiarize itself with its customers’ requirements. We understand that each customer who comes through our door has a set of highly specific storage needs, and in order to meet them all, we have designed flexible services.

At our self storage warehouse looking after Adamstown customers, everyone is able to tailor their own storage experience. Still, the first step in the process is the same for everyone – we advise you to play with our unique Storage Calculator. All you are required to do is input the number of items you wish to store and you will get an estimate of the cubic metres these items take up. Based on this, it will be easy to decide on the number and type of storage modules you will need to meet your requirements. Next, we send our two AFRA compliant professionals to your location with the storage modules you have ordered and free protective padding to pack your most fragile items.

What happens next depends solely on you – do you want us to pack the modules or want to do it all yourself? Do you want us to leave the modules at your location to have them within hand’s reach or wish to have them transferred to our secure Super Easy Storage Newcastle warehouse? For how long will you rent the storage space? Do you want us to deliver the module to your location upon contract ending or do you want to pick them up yourself?

The choices are many, and you are the one who makes all the decisions at Super Easy Storage!

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