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What do you feel is worse: wasting too much money on storage space you don’t need or renting a storage that’s too small for all your belongings? We at Super Easy Storage servicing the  Bar Beach area find both scenarios equally unacceptable!

This is why we’re committed to offering only the best storage solutions, with full customer support: if you have a storage-related question for us, we’ll provide an answer! In case you are wondering about the amount of space you’ll need, have no fear: with our unique Storage Calculator, you’ll never have to worry about spending too much money or lacking space. Also, you can consult our experts: one module will typically fit one bedroom apartment or a studio, but we’ll be more than happy to offer additional advice in order to help you save time and money.

Your self storage module will be transported to our secure warehouse in Newcastle, or you can keep it wherever you wish: it all depends on the service you choose. We offer three different ones: the Premium, Standard, and the Flexiload. With our Premium Service you can let us do all the work. Two experienced members of our team will make sure your belongings get stored neatly, with optimal usage of space, and transferred to our secure warehouse. Prefer to load your stuff on your own? Not a problem: with the Standard Service, you can ask for packing advice and get busy. Need a portable module with no time-limit attached, at your renovation site? Choose the Flexiload Service and relax: we’ll make it happen.

Super Easy Storage looking after the Bar Beach area takes pride in great business transparency and our numerous satisfied clients. If you’re looking for the optimal storage solutions, we’re here for you: call us up!

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