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You know the annoyance of finding the perfect storage space: it has to be weatherproof, fully secure, and big enough, without crippling your budget. In most cases, you have to settle for something that doesn’t fully suit you and determine what are the absolute deal breakers. Do you pay for a space you don’t actually need, or do you save a few bucks at the expense of quality. Well, not anymore: with Super Easy Storage at Belmont, you can rest assured you will have your cake and eat it too! We offer only the best storage solutions that are also cost-efficient!

We take big pride in our business ethics and our satisfied clients. Our self storage Belmont services will give you your peace of mind, as you won’t have to worry about anything. With our Premium Service, you can avoid all the stress: relax while our team of professionals takes care of everything. We’ll deliver the selected storage module right to your doorstep and handle all your belongings with care. All of our modules come with protective padding, so the risk of damage is maximally reduced. The modules are made of plywood, which allows your items to “breathe”, while keeping them protected from extreme temperatures and weather factors. After we load your module, we transport it to our waterproof and fully-monitored warehouse in South Perth. You can also choose our Standard Service and load the module on your own, or our Premium service.

With Super Easy Storage Belmont, you can count on cost-efficient storage solutions, pleasant workers, and flexibility. We are here to help and we’ll do our best to meet your schedule and budget. Call us up!

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