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The Central Coast area is serviced by the Newcastle territory

Looking for simple, cheap storage in the Central Coast? Super Easy Storage has safe, secure and flexible self-storage solutions available now in the Central Coast.

If you live in the Central Coast area, you can count on the following Super Easy Storage! Whether you want to rent for 1 month, or for several years, Super Easy Storage is the team to trust with your belongings.

Renting storage has become a part of our everyday life. Having a secure location for storing your things is a must in today’s world.  There is no shortage of reasons for owning a storage unit. From storing old furniture and memorabilia that you just can’t part with, to having a place to keep your things when you redecorate your home or move.

This process was not an easy one in the old days. First you had to find a secure warehouse, then a moving company that you can trust, and then simply hope everything goes well.  With so many factors involved in the simple process of moving and storing your possessions, it is quite common for your things to end up damaged, or even worse, missing in action. By opting for Super Easy Storage in the Central Coast, you are sure to avoid all the negative aspects of the storage process.

How can Super Easy Storage make your life easier:

1. You can easily determine the size of the space you need using our Storage Calculator.
2. We offer a two-in one-service, our team both picks up your things and transports them.
3. We safely store your belongings at our secure and waterproof Central Coast warehouse.
4. Finally, you can come and pick up you things or have our team deliver them to you.
5. For customers doing large home renovations, we offer on-site storage.

With Super Easy Storage, Things Are Much Simpler:

A More Thorough Explanation

In order to make the whole process easier and help you get a better understanding of what we can do for you, let's start by helping you figure out the type of storage you require.

  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageYou can take advantage of our easy to use Storage Calculator free of charge, to easily calculate the amount of space you will need. You simply add the number of pieces of furniture or containers, as well as their type, and we will provide you with the information on how many Super Easy Storage units you will require.
    Find out how much storage you need!
  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageWhen we say Modules, we are talking about specially designed boxes containing your belongings, that we load up, transport and keep safe while being stored. We currently offer Storage Modules in one size - Our Maxi Storage Module, can pack up to 10 cubic meters. In other words, it can fit two to three standard rooms or 1.2 tons of belongings.
  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageSo far you have calculated the number of belongings you have, and found the ideal Storage Module for your needs. The next step is deciding on the type of service you are interested in. Super Easy Storage Central Coast offers two main packages – Standard and Premium.
  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageIf you opt for the Super Easy Storage Standard package, our team picks up the modules from our Central Coast location and brings them to your home. The module loading part we leave to you, and then take them back to our Super Easy warehouse.

    By opting for a Premium package, you are leaving the whole process in our hands. You get a team, trained in accordance with AFRA standards, that will take care of everything for you. You can just sit back and watch us work! Additionally, we provide you with protective padding free of charge.
  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageAll the modules containing your belongings will be taken to our Super Easy Storage warehouse, at 128 Elizabeth St, Carrington. Our warehouse storage offers a waterproof and safe location for the modules containing your belongings. You will be granted free access to your mods, 6 days a week, during work hours.

    In case you have an emergency or you cannot come during work hours, we can always accommodate your needs and arrange for you to come outside set times. (there maybe an additional fee charged)

What Sets Us Apart?

Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
The simplicity of the process

You can do most of the work online, with the use of our unique feature, the Storage Calculator, calculating the amount of space and the size of the modules that you will need. After that, all that is left is the simple choice of how much work are you willing to do, and based on that you can opt for the Standard or Premium package, and we will take care of the rest.

Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
Having the best team at your disposal

Not to brag, but Super Easy Storage Central Coast has the best removal-slash-storage team out there.
First of all, each and every member of our team has gone through the training designed by the Australian Furniture Removalists Association. Even more importantly, we hire motivated and enthusiastic people who are always ready to go a step further in order to accommodate our client’s needs.

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Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
The uniqueness of our Storage Modules

One of the unique features of our service is our one-of-a-kind Super Easy Storage Modules. They are what sets us apart from the competition more than any other feature. We have dedicated time and resources to finding the perfect materials that will provide that desired balance between storage space, transportability and security. Another aspect of our modules is their carefully picked size, so that you can pack up an entire room or even a smaller apartment into one.

Take advantage of our supersized storage modules!

Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
What makes our warehouses stand out?

Super Easy Storage Central Coast prides itself in top-notch warehouse security. Our main concern is the safety of our clients’ belongings. In addition, our Central Coast warehouse is built in accordance with the highest standards, it is waterproof and diligently maintained by our expert team. We are located at 128 Elizabeth Street, Carrington and you are free to visit us during the listed work hours.

Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
Our new Flexiload Service

We offer our Central Coast clients a special Flexiload service, which includes a module drop-off service.
What does this mean? Our Super Easy Storage Central Coast team will bring and drop off the module of your choice at the desired location. It will stay in your possession for a single day, a whole week or even longer, depending on the time you require to load it. When your module is completely loaded, our team will come back and pick up your module in order to take it to our Central Coast warehouse. Another option is to use our storage modules as on-site short term storage, and call our team when you are finished.

Get more information on our new service!

Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage

When you put your belongings into storage, you do not want to spend time fearing for their safety. With our Central Coast warehouse, you can rest assured that your modules and their content will remain safe until you come and pick them up or have them delivered. Our modules are made of plywood, a material which allows your things to ‘breathe’, so your module will be mould-free and your belongings protected from moisture.

Find out more about our safety features!

Competitive and price matching storage quotes
Best Possible Pricing

When it comes to pricing, we are leaders in affordable prices for storage. We pride ourselves in our willingness to sit down and discuss all available options with our clients. Just to be clear, with the increase of storage size, and the duration of time your belongings stay with us, our price rate goes down. But not to worry, even our prices for smaller storage space and shorter time periods are more than affordable.

Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
Unlimited free access to your goods

You have access to your storage unit for free from 9:00AM to 4:00PM, Monday to Friday and 9:00AM to noon on Saturday, provided you give us 2-business days notice.

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How do you benefit from our services?

Super Easy Storage Central Coast offers an all-in-one transport and storage experience at affordable prices. You can use our Storage Calculator, free of charge, to easily decide on the module size you are going to need. Our different packages allow you to participle in the process, or just sit back and watch our expert team work. By using the Flexiload service, you can even have a module delivered to your home and use it as a temporary storage for however long you need it.

When it comes to our safety features, our Central Coast warehouse is as safe as it gets, and it is also waterproof, so you can sleep soundly knowing your belongings are protected and not going anywhere. Additionally, the plywood that our modules are made of protects your belongings from mould. Whether you need a small number of belongings stored for a few weeks or several Maxi Storage Modules stored for longer periods of time, our prices are sure to make your day!

So, come on and become a proud member of the Super Easy Storage Central Coast family, and you will never again have to worry about storage space!

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