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Handling storage logistics can be incredibly tiring and stressful, not to mention the high costs that are usually implied. In addition to covering safety issues, you need to ensure the storage unit is spacious enough for all the things you want to store. You probably want the storage to be in facilities near your home. Quite a number of things to consider, don’t you think? Well, with Super Easy Storage near Darlinghurst – you can have storage modules tailored to meet your needs and budget!

Our goal is to help you avoid double-handling, because everything is done just one time, in a day! You can choose from three different self storage services: the Premium, Standard, and Flexiload for the Darlinghurst area.

We’ll deliver your selected module to any chosen location. With the Premium Service, you can put your feet up as our team of trained experts rolls up their sleeves: we’ll take care of everything from safe-wrapping your belongings to storing them neatly. If you wish to load the module on your own, we’ll make it happen: choose the Standard Service and we’ll gladly wait until you’re finished loading your portable storage. Afterwards, the module gets transported to our waterproof and monitored warehouse in Sydney Eastern Suburbs. You’ll lock your module right at your premises and are the only person with the key. If you wish to have your storage on your own property and at your disposal 24/7, choose the Flexiload Service and load it without a time frame.

We at Super Easy Storage looking after the Darlinghurst area take big pride in our satisfied customers and are constantly working on improving our services. Give us a call and expect only the best cost-efficient storage solutions!

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