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Whether you are in need of a personal or business storage space, Super Easy Storage servicing the Glenelg area is your one stop shop! We provide both short- and long-term rental space, or if you’re just looking to get some moving boxes for packing, we are the ideal storage solution for you!

Thanks to our innovative Super Easy Storage Calculator, you can now easily estimate your storage needs and have the ideal size and number of mods at your doorstep in no time. Super Easy Storage near Glenelg provides 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom packing material bundles for you to choose the one that feels the most appropriate. When it comes to the price of our modules, it depends on the length of the storage term and the number of modules you require. We also offer a long term/no access facility, where we offer the Maxi modules at a further discount.

The Super Easy Storage mods come in the Maxi Storage Mods that are 10 cubic meters in size. They are all made from plywood, which ensures the items are well-ventilated, and they are designed with additional support panels for protection. As we have already mentioned: to estimate the exact number of mods you need, refer to our Storage Calculator. Generally, we say one module is ideal for a studio or one-bedroom apartment, whereas a two-bedroom apartment will require at least two modules.

Take advantage of Super Easy Storage warehouse serving Glenelg’s all-inclusive storage solutions that come at the most competitive prices on the market.

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