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Have you ever had difficulty estimating your storage needs? Ever rented a storage space that is too small, so you were unable to pack everything you had in mind, or, just to be safe, one that was too big, and ended up overpaying for it? Super Easy Storage servicing the Leichhardt area has designed a solution that will help even those who are renting a storage space for the first time in their lives calculate their exact storage requirements.

Thanks to our years of experience and rich industry knowledge, we have managed to come up with an ideal solution to suit our customer’s’ needs and budget. Our user-friendly, one-of-a-kind Storage Calculator lets you input the number of items you wish to store, and as a result provides the number and type of module you’ll need to pack them all. At Super Easy Storage Inner West, we pride ourselves in our unique module size the Maxi Storage Mod, 10 cubic metres in size, which can fit an entire one-bedroom apartment, all appliances included.

If you still wish to get an estimate from an experienced professional, you can give Super Easy Storage near Leichhardt a call. Our AFRA compliant team of experts is at your disposal for any questions or clarifications you may need, so if you wish to get a ‘second opinion’ on the number and type of storage modules, they will be more than happy to provide advice.
Never overpay for your storage again, thanks to the Super Easy Storage Storage Calculator, as well as our exceptionally low rates!

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