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Expanding your business and moving to new premises? Or simply renovating your home? We all know how demanding it can be to coordinate the relocation process. In any case, you’ll certainly need some extra space - this is where Super Easy Storage can help!

Super Easy Storage Melbourne South East is perfectly placed to easily serve all areas from Frankston to Ringwood. Finding a good storage solution can be quite a task, as you have to tick a number of things off the list of requirements. Luckily, Super Easy Storage South Eastern Suburbs has the perfect storage solution for you!

Ever worried about the quality of storage units? There’s really no need with Super Easy Storage – our modules are made from durable plywood that is both weather resistant and provides the optimal air quality for your stored belongings, keeping them well-ventilated. Super Easy Storage Melbourne South East is mobile storage that comes to you, loads your storage modules then carefully takes them to our waterproof, fully-locked and alarm-monitored warehouse in Melbourne.

Place your trust in our team of reliable professionals – we’ve got you covered: Super Easy Storage Melbourne South East has a high-standard employment policy, ensuring only the top performing storage experts join our team. Every team member goes through recognised training in accordance with AFRA standards and is ready to assist you with everything, from packing and heavy lifting, to loading your storage unit and transporting it to our secure facilities.

Our goal is to make your life easier and more convenient, so you never overpay for services that don’t match your needs or stress about any kind of storage issue ever again. We’re your gold standard one-stop storage solution provider.

With Super Easy Storage, Things Are Much Simpler:

A More Thorough Explanation

How can Super Easy Storage Make Your Life Easier?

1. Estimate the exact amount of the space you need by using our unique Storage Calculator or ask our team for an assessment.
2. Super Easy Storage South Eastern Suburbs is your one-stop solution for every storage-related need you have. We make sure to help you avoid double-handling and provide you with full support from day one.
3. Have your belongings stored in our self-contained and fully protected warehouse in Melbourne.
4. Prefer to have your storage module at your disposal, 24/7? With the Flexiload Service, we’ll deliver it to any given location and leave it there for as long as you need it.
5. Have full access to your goods (as the only person with the key) in our Melbourne warehouse

  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageIf you’re a resident of South Eastern Suburbs and are looking for both high-quality and cost-efficient storage solutions, Super Easy Storage Eastern Suburbs should be your #1 choice. As the fastest growing mobile storage provider, we have a variety of services to offer.
  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageHow many times have you rented storage space that you didn’t fully use, but still had to pay a large monthly fee for? We have a solution for that! We understand that finding a good storage unit is a difficult task by itself, let alone assessing the actual amount of space you need. It can be time-consuming and cripple your budget and so most frequently - you’ll settle for anything. Well, not anymore: with our specially designed Storage Calculator, you can determine the module size you need. Simply enter the number and type of the items you plan to store and the Super Easy Storage online calculator will approximate the volume of storage you need. You can also call us directly: we will be glad to provide advice.
    Storage Calculator
  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageThe Super Easy Storage modules are specially designed storage units (i.e. containers or mobile storage units) that come in one size. The Maxi Storage Modules, the biggest ones on the market: 10 cubic meters in size, they can fit around 1.2 tonnes!
  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageWith Super Easy Storage South Eastern Suburbs, you can choose from three different types of services, all tailored to meet your needs. With the Super Easy Storage Premium Service, you can lift your feet up and let our friendly team take care of everything. We’ll deliver your chosen module right to your doorstep or business premises, carefully pack all your belongings (free protective padding is included), do all the heavy lifting and wrapping, and load your module for you. It then gets transferred to our storage facilities in Melbourne, where they are kept fully locked and protected from weather conditions. Our Super Easy Storage Standard Service includes delivering your selected module, waiting until you load it and assisting you with packing advice, and then transporting your storage to our alarm-monitored and waterproof warehouse in Melbourne. You’ll be provided with free protective padding, so rest assured the risk of damage is reduced to the absolute minimum. With the Super Easy Flexiload Service, you can have your storage module at your disposal, 24/7. Our team delivers your desired storage unit to an agreed address and you can load it without a time limit. Use it for as long as you wish and give us a call once you don’t need it anymore.
  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageOnce your module gets carried to our warehouse in Melbourne, rest assured - you’ll have full access to your goods during our working hours (from Monday till Friday, 9AM till 4PM, Saturdays, 9AM till noon). You can have peace of mind as you’re the only person with the key and you lock the module at your own premises. Our storage facilities are protected so relax - your items are kept in safe hands.

What Sets Us Apart?

Competitive and price matching storage quotes
The Best Cost-efficient Storage Solutions on the Market

We offer both short-term and long-term storage rentals. The price of our services varies, depending on the number of modules you’ve rented and the storage duration, but they start for as low as $3/day per module, while our insurance rate is just $1.50 per month for every $1,000 of coverage. Super Easy Storage Melbourne South East appreciates your loyalty, so keep in mind - the longer you’re willing to commit, the less you’re going to pay! Our monthly rates decrease with time.


The solution we pride ourselves the most in is our Storage Calculator, which allows those who are not certain about their storage needs to get all the required information with just a few finger taps. Enter all the items you wish to store and their exact number into the calculator and get the type and the number of our modes you’ll need.

Check out our Storage Calculator here!

Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
Our Wide Range of Services

Our goal is to make your life more convenient by helping you handle every single part of storage logistics. We strongly believe clients shouldn’t settle for anything and that providers have to adapt to customers’ needs. This is why we have designed different services that will save you money, time, and energy. Our fully trained team of experts can assist you through the whole process, ensuring that when the unpacking time comes - it will be an absolute breeze.

Take a look here!

Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
Optimally Designed Storage Modules

After thorough research, we have concluded that durable plywood makes for the best storage material on the market. It protects your stored belongings from extreme temperatures and weather conditions, keeping them dry and in perfect condition, while ensuring optimal air quality. If you plan on keeping the module outdoors, you’ll be provided with a protective cover for additional safety. With Super Easy Storage Melbourne South East, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
Our Team of Trained Professionals

Especially when it comes to handling precious items, you want to rely on a team of experts that have relevant experience. By employing only the best candidates, we ensure you get provided with the high-quality service you deserve. All of our workers go through recognised training organised by the Australian Furniture Removalists Association: you can have peace of mind as they will handle every item with special care and help you use the storage space optimally.

Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
Our Customer-oriented Service

We at Super Easy Storage want to ensure a no-hassle service with minimal disruption to your everyday life. This is why we have a team of trained experts at your disposal for any kind of storage dilemma you might have. Life is stressful enough without additional time-consuming problems: we don’t want storage logistics to ruin your joyful events, such as moving to a new home. We have even designed the Flexiload Service, so you can have your storage module within reach, 24/7. Our tradesmen are flexible and happy to meet your schedule and budget.

Find out more about our Flexiload Service!


You have unlimited access to your storage unit for free, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM, Monday to Friday and 9:00AM to noon on Saturday, provided you give us 2-business days notice.

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Why is Super Easy Storage Your Perfect Storage Solution

Since 2008, Super Easy Storage has worked hard to provide its clients with services that match their specific needs perfectly. By continuously nurturing the highest level of work ethic, we have managed to build a strong reputation on the market, bringing only the best cost-efficient storage solutions to our clients. We try our best to be flexible and listen to our clients’ wishes in order to establish ourselves as your go-to experts. All of our employees have their hearts in their work and don’t find it difficult to go an extra mile for your convenience.

We’ll be at your disposal from day one: from helping you decide on module size and delivering the chosen one to your doorstep, to loading the module and transporting it to our secure and waterproof warehouse in Melbourne.

We would be honored to have you as our client! Join thousands of our satisfied customers and help our family grow! We take big pride in our high success rates that are getting bigger everyday: you motivate us to continuously keep improving our services, day by day. Call us and get your perfect Super Easy Storage module today!

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