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If it is rather challenging for you to calculate what your exact storage requirements are, stop banging your head on the wall and get in touch with Super Easy Storage servicing St Kilda. With years of enviable experience and rich theoretical and practical industry knowledge, we have managed to come up with an ideal solution for those who are either renting a storage space for the first time or simply cannot find a way to determine the number of storage modules they require.

At our self storage warehouse near St Kilda, we provide the Storage Calculator – its unique, user-friendly interface allows you to enter the exact number of items you wish to store. As a result, you will get the amount of cubic metres your furniture takes up, and with that information, you can go on to rent the storage modules. At Super Easy Storage Melbourne, we offer two types of storage module: the Mini Storage Mods, 7 cubic metres in size, which can fit one room, and the Maxi Storage Mods, to pack an entire one-bedroom apartment, if needed.

Instead of using our Storage Calculator, you can get in touch with one of our experts and have them estimate your storage needs. We pride ourselves in employing only top industry professionals, AFRA compliant, so rest assured you will be provided with valuable advice. When the time comes to pack and load your modules, the two of them will arrive at your doorstep and handle your belongings with utmost safety in mind.

Give Super Easy Storage a call this instant to find out what your storage needs are, and have the modules at your location in no time.

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