Imagine a removal or storage experience in Melbourne that was Easy, Fast and Affordable!

With our Super Easy Storage facilities in Melbourne, we want to make your storage journey it a smooth and streamlined experience that follows a very simple and efficient formula.

1. Give our Storage Calculator a go.

2. Call our people up.

3. Wait for our team to come to you with our storage modules.

4. You load the modules (or let our people do it for you as part of our Premium Service).

5. We take the loaded modules to our Melbourne storage (or leave them on your property).

6. We bring them back whenever you give us a call.

More Details On Our Process

While our process could not be any simpler and more straightforward, we understand that some people want more information before they entrust their possessions to a storage company. Super Easy Storage Melbourne and Melbourne South East is all about providing the ultimate service and this is how we do it.

For one, we have developed a Storage Calculator, our own proprietary piece of software where you put in all the furniture and possessions you intend to store. Our software then calculates how many of our Super Easy Storage units you will need.

We offer two different types of storage modules in Melbourne. The smaller one is called the Mini Storage Mod, which is 7 cubic meters large. It will fit an entire studio apartment without appliances. The bigger module is called the Maxi Storage Mod and it is capable of storing two to three bedrooms or a whole one-bedroom apartment, appliances and all.

We should add that all of our modules are made from natural plywood which allows the contents to “breathe”, thus preventing the growth of mould which is often a problem with similar systems.

Once you find out how many and which modules you require, you can choose between the types of service we can provide for you.

With our Standard Service, our people come with the modules and you load them with your possessions. Our team then loads them onto the truck and takes them to our Melbourne warehouses. If you wish, our people can leave the loaded module on your property. This is usually something that people choose if they are doing renovations to their home.

If you choose our Premium Service, our team will do everything. They will come over, put their expertise and experience to good use by loading the modules with your possessions and take them to our warehouse. With our Premium Service, you literally do not lift a finger.

Our Melbourne warehouses are located at Somerville Road in West Footscray andEast Boundary Road, Bentleigh East. There, you can get access to your things Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Saturdays between 9 a.m. and noon. However, if you really need access to your things outside our working hours, we can set it up, do not worry.

Why We’re Special

Our Prices

Storing things can get expensive, we are aware of that. We are also aware that with a name like Super Easy Storage, we also have quite a name to live up to. We think we more than live up to it, providing you with some of the cheapest storage in Melbourne. Moreover, we will do our best to give you the best deal possible, whatever your needs might entail.

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Our Unique Storage Calculator

Not everyone knows how much space a couch takes up. Most people have no idea how much space their bedroom needs if it were to be packed in a box. Our Super Easy Storage Calculator ensures that you have more than just a rough idea of how much storage space you need. You put in all the stuff you will be storing and our calculator will tell you exactly which Super Easy Storage mods you need and how many of them.

Try out our calculator!

Our Proprietary Modules

Whether you go for our Mini Storage Mods or our Maxi Storage Mods, you will be getting a whole lot of storage room. With our smaller modules, you get 7 cubic meters and with our big ones, you get a whopping 10 cubic meters. In other words, we are talking entire rooms and even apartments. We should also point out our modules were not designed willy-nilly. We have spent quite a while designing the perfect sizes for different needs.

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Our Willingness To Adapt

It would be unrealistic to think that one or two types of service would cater to everyone in Melbourne, whether you need storage in the city or the south-eastern suburbs. We understand very well that needs differ from individual to individual, and that we need to adapt our services to cater to different people. This is why we let you choose pretty much everything about your storage and removalist experience with our company. One thing we never compromise on, however, is the security of your belongings.

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Our Melbourne Team

Melbourne is a fantastic city with some of the best people in the world and such potential customers deserve to get the best service possible. This is why we choose our people carefully and why we consider our customer service to be the most important thing about our business. Ask anyone who has worked with us about our people. They will all sing praises about our team.

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Our Melbourne Warehouse

Our Melbourne warehouses are located in West Footscray, on Somerville Road, halfway between Princes Highway and Paramount Road andEast Boundary Road, Bentleigh East. The warehouses are a top-notch storing facility, equipped with the latest in security measures that will ensure the security of your possessions. In combination with our special Super Easy Storage units, our warehouse ensures that your belongings will be in the exact same condition they were in when you put them there.

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Why Store With Us

When we were designing our Super Easy Storage experience for our Melbourne-based customers, we only had their needs in mind. We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and we worked from there.

For one, we came up with the simplest possible storage/removal process for our customers. All you have to do is give us a call and together we work out a service that will take care of your needs in the best and cheapest way possible. Then, we simply come over, load everything up (or help you do it) and drive your stuff away. Later, when you need your stuff, you just give us a call and in a day or two, you have your stuff back with you.

Besides this being the simplest and the most convenient storage experience you can have in Melbourne, it is also the safest one. Our modules are superior quality and made from natural materials. This way, your possessions are ventilated properly and you do not have to worry about mould or moisture. Furthermore, you can sleep easily, knowing that only you have the key to your modules.

Our secure warehouses is easily accessible from anywhere in Melbourne and our team will always go out of their way to help you get access to your things whenever you may need them.

Low prices, unprecedented convenience and absolute security of your possessions;  all of this in Melbourne, at more than reasonable prices. Does that sound like something you would be interested in?

We thought you might.

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