There used to be a time when renting storage space followed a very limited formula – you tried to find a space near you, get in touch with the owner, find a removal company, get them to pick up your things and drive them to the lot – essentially, you put everything in their hands and hoped that nothing would go wrong!

Super Easy Storage has changed the storage game in Sydney and has been doing so since 2008.

With Super Easy Storage, it goes something like this. 

1. You use our Storage Calculator to calculate your needs

2. You give us a call to chat through any questions

3. We come to you with your storage modules

4. You pack and load your things into the storage module (or let our team do all the heavy lifting for you)

5. We take your fully loaded module to one of our Sydney storage warehouses

6. We deliver them back to you whenever you need them

Our Process Explained

It does not matter why you need extra storage space, how long you need it for or what part of Sydney you are from, we have a solution that suits you and it could not be any simpler:

First, you check out our Storage Calculator and figure out how many mobile storage modules you will need. Our mobile storage modules (we like to call them mods) come in two sizes. The Mini Storage Mod is 7 cubic metres large and it can store a small unit or studio. Our Maxi Storage Mod is 10 cubic metres large and it can easily fit two to three rooms or an entire one-bedroom apartment with the appliances included. In other words, you can fit 1.2 tons in a single one of Super Easy Storage Maxi Storage Mods.

Then, you decide whether you want the Super Easy Storage Standard or Premium Service. With our Premium Service, our team do it all for you. They wrap your precious items and load the mods without you lifting a finger. With our Standard Service, We bring the Mods you request to your address and give you advice on how to best pack them into the module to ensure they stay safe and secure. You will be doing the packing and the loading of the mods yourself, though.

From that point, you have two choices – we can take your mods to one of the three secure warehouses Super Easy Storage operates in Sydney, or we can leave them on your property (perfect for renovations). You get the only key to your secured mods.

You will have free access to your storage unit from 9:00AM to 4:00PM, Monday to Friday; and 9:00AM to noon on Saturday. We do ask that you give us two business days’ notice. When you wish to retrieve your things from our storage, or alternatively you simply book a date in with us and we deliver the mods with your things at an agreed-upon time.  It really is as simple as that.

What Makes Us Special
Our Experience

Super Easy Storage has been around since 2008, making it a pioneer in the field of mobile storage solutions in Sydney. Since the earliest days, it has been our goal to simplify the storage process and make it cheaper for everyone involved. Over the years, we have spread to all major cities, as well as a few smaller ones, and we plan to expand even more.

Take advantage of our years of experience!

Versatility We Are Proud Of

From the very start, we knew we would base our business model on the versatility we provide for our customers. This entails letting our customers choose who packs and loads their items, where they store them, how to secure them and much more. We know that different people have different needs and we understand that, here at Super Easy Storage, the more options that we can provide to you, the better!

Choose the mobile storage solution that best fits your needs!

Our People

Yes, we are aware that everyone says their people and their teams are the best in the business, but we simply cannot not mention our moving team – they’re among the very best in the game. If you need proof, simply check out what our past customers say about their experiences. You’ll discover that most of them make sure to mention the Super Easy Storage team.

Find out why our customers love our people!

Size of Our Modules

Our 10m³ modules are among the largest on the market and they are able to fit as much as two to three rooms. They are perfectly sufficient for an entire one-bedroom apartment! Even our smaller mods can fit a small studio apartment if you do not include appliances.  They are the result of many years of testing to discover which sizes make the most sense for the largest number of potential customers.

Take advantage of our supersized storage mods!

Security We Provide

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with secure storage units in Sydney. We have made this a reality with plywood mods which allow for perfect ventilation and prevent moisture and mildew from forming. All of our modules are secured by you with a padlock. You are the only one with the key, of course. Our Sydney storage warehouses also feature extensive security and weatherproofing measures, ensuring that your storage mods are 100% secure.

Store your things and stop worrying!

Four Sydney Locations

We do not run just a single warehouse in the Sydney area, causing you to drive across the city to get access to your things. Instead, we store your things in one of our three warehouses, and you can make your choice depending on where you are located. We have warehouses in Sydney Inner West,  just off Victoria Road in Rydalmere; in Northern Beaches, on Daydream Street in Warriewood; in the Eastern Suburbs, on the M1 in Rosebery; and in Canterbury Bankstown too, in Padstow. You can access all of our four warehouses during work hours and gain access to your stored items.

Find out which Sydney warehouse is closest to you!

Our Groundbreaking Storage Calculator

Most people know very little about the costs involved in the packing and moving of goods. Because of this, we have developed our own Storage Calculator which gives our customers a clear insight into how much storage space they will need and which Super Easy Storage units will make the most sense for their needs.

Make sure to give our Storage Calculator a go!

Our Competitive Rates

We are always more than happy to work out the most affordable rates for our customers. Our rates will differ depending on the amount of time you require our services for and the size and number of the modules you will need. Make sure to talk to our people and find out the lowest prices we can offer.

Never overpay for your storage again!

Why Work with Us

As a customer, there are more than a few reasons why you will want Super Easy Storage to handle all your storage needs.

— For one, we take the hassle out of the removal and storage process. We come to your address, load everything up and take it away in no time.

— Super Easy Storage also enables you to store your things on your own property for a short period of time if you a little extra time to get organised with loading up your storage module.

— With Super Easy Storage, you can also rest assured your things will be exactly the same on the day you put them in our supersized modules and the day you take them out again.

— You can also take advantage of our three Sydney locations, giving you quick and easy access to your things whenever you need it.

— Finally, our solutions are still far more affordable than your more traditional removalists and storage options.

Franchising Options

Super Easy Storage is constantly expanding and we are currently looking for franchising partners, both in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia. Our Franchise Support system is elaborate enough to allow any ambitious entrepreneur start their own Super Easy Storage franchise and see it grow into a steady business. We will take care of your software needs, as well as support and market your new business.

Find out more about becoming a Super Easy Storage franchising partner here!