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Are you tired of overpaying for your storage needs, just because you were unable to estimate your how much space you require? More often than not, people end up in these situations because they fear they will rent a storage space too small and will not be able to pack everything they initially had in mind. For this reason, Super Easy Storage servicing the Annerley suburb has come up with a practical solution – our Storage Calculator.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, calculating the exact number and type of modules has never been easier – all you are required to do is type in the information about the items you wish to store. At Super Easy Storage near Annerley, we provide two sizes of modules: the Mini Storage Modules, 7 cubic metres in size, in which you can fit one room or a small studio apartment’ and the Maxi Storage Modules, 10 cubic metres in size, which allow you to store up to two or three rooms, or even an entire one bedroom apartment, all appliances included.

Our storage modules are of the highest quality – they are all made of durable plywood, which, aside from being weatherproof, provides your belongings with enough room to ‘breathe’. Super Easy Storage Brisbane South warehouses that service the Annerley area are known for their safety as well, as they are highly secured and alarm-monitored. If you choose to keep your packed modules in one of our facilities, you will be able to access them Monday to Friday, from 9 AM to 4 PM, and on Saturdays, from 9 AM until noon.

With Super Easy Storage, you will no longer have to worry about getting storage modules of inadequate size. Contact us today and get the ideal storage mods right away!

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