Are you in search of the perfect storage solution? Whether you’re moving or simply in need of some extra space, you know what some of the factors you should take in mind are. The storage space certainly has to be big enough to store all your belongings, safe and secure, while providing protection from the weather conditions. Ticking all of the abovementioned off your list usually implies a lot of cost, but not with Super Easy Storage servicing Balcatta! We guarantee high-quality storage modules that are also cost-efficient!

You know how tiring and time-consuming storage logistics can get: this is why we aim to be your one-stop solution, so you don’t waste your energy on finding packing materials, boxes, or protective padding. We’ll help you calculate the volume of your items and estimate how much space you need, or you can use our specially designed Storage Calculator. This helps with choosing the right module, and whether or not you need more than one.

We’ll deliver the selected module to an agreed-upon location, load it while you relax (Premium Service) or assist you with packing advice and wait until you pack everything (Standard Service). Your module then gets transported to our warehouse in North Perth. Rest assured, our storage facilities are self-contained, secure, and waterproof, so your belongings stay safe. You have full access to your goods during our working hours and you are the only authorized person with a key. Our modules are made from plywood, which helps optimal air quality remain maintained within the storage unit, and all of your items are protected from humidity.

With Super Easy Storage near Balcatta, you don’t have to struggle with storage issues ever again! We’ll take care of everything and try our best to adapt to your needs: call us up!

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