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Apart from being the leading storage provider in Australia, according to market share, we are also one of the most affordable storage providers on the market.

Whenever it is time to temporarily relocate your personal belongings, you are sure to have the following in mind - where to store them, how to load them, and how to organize the transport to and from the storage location.

Super Easy Storage provides the answer to all these questions. We are you one-stop storage solution. Our selection of services covers the entire storing process, from delivery of the storage unit, to loading and transport – we do it all, and if you live in Brisbane North, we are just a phone call away.

 You can forget about the hassle of finding three different companies to take care of your storage needs. Super Easy Storage Brisbane North is here to provide the ultimate service. With our warehouse at 2/605 Zillmere Road, Zillmere ready to safely store all your precious belongings, you will be able to relax knowing that you can pick them up or have them delivered at any convenient time.

With Super Easy Storage, Things Are Much Simpler:

A More Thorough Explanation

Super Easy Storage Brisbane North aims to provide the most rounded storage service. Being one of the top storage providers according to market share, we are constantly trying to improve and provide our customers with unique service packages, designed in accordance with their individual needs.
In order to use our services in the most effective way, there are 3 main steps that you should take.

Knowing the exact amount of storage space you require off hand is quite hard, and it often depends not only on the number of things you plan to store but also on their shape and the manner of loading.

  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageTo make this process easier for our customers, and at the same time help them save money by not renting more space than they actually require, we have come up with our Storage Calculator. It is easy and quick to use: just choose the type of objects you need stored and their amount, and you will get the exact number of cubic meters needed. After you have calculated the amount of storage you will require, you can proceed to step 2.Check it out Here!
  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageWhen you know the exact amount of space needed to store all of your belongings, you can choose the right Module for your stuff. When we say module, we refer to our specially designed storage containers that we deliver to your home address, load (within the Premium Package) and transport to our warehouse in Zilmere. We currently offer two types of Modules – our Mini Storage Module is the smaller one and it can fit up to 7 cubic meters, while our bigger, Maxi Storage Module, has the capacity of up to 10 cubic meters. Our modules are some of the largest and most durable on the market, standing at 2.6m, and that way you needn’t worry about fitting even the biggest of items.
  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageSo far you have calculated the size of the storage space you need, and which mods are ideal for you, now we can move on to step 3, choosing the perfect Super Easy Service Package.

    Depending on the amount of work you want to do yourself, you can opt for one of our two service packages. With the Super Easy Standard Package, you get the following services – we deliver the module, or modules, of your choice to your address, provide complementary protective padding, and wait until you have loaded your belongings into the modules.
  • Super Easy Storage Mobile Self StorageAfterwards, we transport the modules and store them safely at our Brisbane North warehouse.

    If you opt for our Premium Package, you won’t have to lift a finger. Apart from the services listed in our Standard Service Package, our team will also load the modules for you. Just let Super Easy Storage do the job for you.

What Sets Us Apart?

Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
Our A team

We employ a team of highly motivated professionals who have gone through a training process in accordance with AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) standards. You can rest assured that your belongings will be carefully loaded, secured with top quality padding, and transported with the utmost care to our Zillmere warehouse. We pride ourselves in employing only the most motivated candidates, who are willing to go the extra mile to provide the best service to our clients.

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Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
Unique storage modules

The material and size of a storage containers has a great effect on the belongings that are stored for longer periods of time. For that reason we have devoted time and funds into researching the best materials and the most functional sizes. Our Super Easy Modules are made of durable plywood, and covered with a waterproof layer, and this way your belongings are able to ‘breathe’, and these conditions prevent mould from appearing. Furthermore, your belongings will come out fresh. As for size, our Modules stand at 2.6m which means they can fit even the biggest of objects that need to be stored.

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Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
Flexiload service

Super Easy Storage offers a super-simple Flexiload service. In case you need a portable, temporary storage unit on-site, our team can have one delivered to your doorstep. You can use our mod as long as you need and call us to come and pick it up after you are done. This service is quite useful for bigger home renovations. Our nicely wrapped, weather-proof storage will be an ideal place for storing all the furniture and other belongings while you renovate your house or flat.

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Competitive and price matching storage quotes
Affordable prices

Super Easy Storage Brisbane North prides itself on providing most affordable storage services to our customers. We offers special discount prices for clients who opt to use our Maxi modules and have them stored for longer periods of time. However, our short term rates are also competitive, and without a lock-in contract, you can easily access and pick up your belongings.

Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage
Franchising options

You have the opportunity to become a part of Australia's leading storage provider!. Super Easy Storage has been present on the Australian market since 2008. This 100% Australian-owned company has franchises in all major Australian cities and is continuing to increase its regional roll out and international expansion.

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Super Easy Storage Mobile Self Storage

You have access to your storage unit for free from 9:00AM to 4:00PM, Monday to Friday and 9:00AM to noon on Saturday, provided you give us 2-business days notice.

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Now that you are familiar with our services and processes, you can rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands. From our diligent team to our waterproof Brisbane North warehouse that is being maintained up to highest standards, we will do our best to keep your things safe and in a great condition.

For any further questions regarding our services and packages. feel free to give us a ring or have a look at our FAQ page. We are here to make your life a bit less complicated, at least when it comes to all things storage related!

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