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How many times have you experienced the following: you’re stressing over moving to your new home, you pay a high rent for storage space that is of questionably low quality, and the rest of your belongings get scattered across your friends’ houses. If there only was a way to store all your belongings neatly and then unpack them with ease when the time comes… Well, actually – there is! We at Super Easy Storage Carrington are at your service!

Our goal is to make storage solutions more accessible to our clients, with low monthly rents and modules that perfectly match their needs! You need it – we’ll deliver! If you’re not certain about the amount of space you’ll need – it’s not a problem at all: you can use our unique Storage Calculator and and prevent spending additional money on space you won’t use! If you’re still confused, feel free to ask our team of experts for advice: we’re here for you. Our truck will deliver the storage you’ve chosen to your desired location and once it gets loaded – we’ll be happy to carry it to our warehouse in Newcastle. There is also the option of using your portable self storage Carrington module on your own property: in either case, you’re provided with full access to your goods and may store additional belongings even after it gets locked.

You can sleep soundly with our storage solutions: no matter what service you choose (Premium, Standard, or Flexiload), the storage module will be secured, well-vented (it’s made of plywood), and provided with a protective padding. We’ll make sure none of your belongings get damaged and are transported safely to our facilities.

With Super Easy Storage you don’t have to worry about anything: give us a call today!

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