Have you ever miscalculated your storage needs? What happens more often than not is that people rent a storage space which is not large enough to store everything they had in mind. For this reason, many decide to rent something they know is bigger than what they actually need, and end up paying way too much.

With Super Easy Storage servicing the Clayfield area, you will no longer have to worry whether you have rented a storage space large enough to meet your requirements. What you can do is play with our Storage Calculator, insert the exact number of items you wish to store, and as a result, you will get a precise estimate of the number and type of our storage modules you will need. The unique design of our storage mods is what sets them apart from the competitors’. First of all, the fact that they are 10 cubic meters in size makes them the largest ones on the market. They can fit up to 1.2 tons, or to put it simply – an entire one-bedroom apartment, all appliances included.

Furthermore, ever since its establishment, Super Easy Storage has been focusing on creating top-quality storage solutions. Our storage mods are made from durable plywood, which makes them weatherproof and your belongings well-ventilated. You can choose to keep them on your location, or have them transferred to one of our alarm-monitored Supercheap Storage Brisbane North warehouses.

Whatever your storage needs may be, Super Easy Storage near Clayfield is at your disposal to meet them at the most affordable prices continent-wide.

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