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Most of us have experienced frustration during house renovation: things get lost or damaged, or they get scattered in the homes of our friends and family members. Not to mention the packed boxes you keep bumping into or the extensive managing skills you need to keep everything in order. This makes the whole process exhausting: you’re tired before you even begin! However, with Super Easy Storage servicing Eleebana – you won’t be needing to bother yourself with the problem of storage ever again!

Our Premium Services include delivering the chosen module to your doorstep, loading it, and taking it to our secured warehouse in Newcastle. Do you feel more comfortable loading your belongings on your own? Not a problem. You can do so with our Standard Service. You can also choose if you wish the storage module to be carried away or if you’d prefer to keep it in sight. Rest assured, you can always bring additional goods to your module at our warehouse – it’s completely free of charge. For a low monthly rent, you will be provided with a secure, humidity-free self storage space for the Eleebana area, and full access during working hours is also ensured.

If you’re puzzled about how much space you need, use our unique Storage Calculator. Our experience says one module is enough for a small bedroom or a studio apartment: yes, that’s how much can fit in there! With our uniquely designed modules, you can have your belongings neatly stored, which will make the unpacking process stress-free.

We at Super Easy Storage are very devoted to providing our clients cost-efficient and safe storage services. Call us up: we’ve got you covered!

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