Are you looking to have some renovations done around the house, but have no idea what to do with all the furniture? Then get in touch with Super Easy Storage serving the Hamilton area, the most reputable storage solution continent-wide!

What sets us apart from our competitors is our wide range of services, specially designed to suit everyone’s individual needs. For those who are looking for a storage solution while renovating their home, we offer the Flexiload Service, which provides all the benefits of mobile self storage. It’s all quite simple – our AFRA compliant experts deliver the self storage modules to your location and leave them at your property for you to load them whenever you want to. How long you will be using the modules for depends solely on you, and it can range from one month to even several years – you don’t have to worry if the process of renovation ends up taking longer than you initially expected.

The Super Easy Storage Hamilton storage modules are some of the most reliable and quality ones on the Australian market. Made from plywood, they are 100% weatherproof, but at the same time let in enough fresh air to keep your belongings well-ventilated. Our storage modules also come with additional support panels for ultimate protection. Finally, what people appreciate most about these modules is that the owner is the only one who has the key, thus, the only one who can gain access to their valuables.

To focus all of your attention on the renovations without thinking about the safety of your furniture and appliances, choose our self storage warehouse servicing the Hamilton area and have top quality storage modules delivered to your location!

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