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How It Works

Storage delivered

We bring a mobile storage unit to your home or office, saving you time, money and effort.

Carefully loaded

We load it for you, or you can pack your items yourself – the choice is yours.

Stored securely

We collect your loaded module and store in our secure warehouse. And you can access when you need.

Door-to-storage service - without the premium
self-storage prices

Founded in 2008, Super Easy Storage is Australia’s largest mobile self-storage service provider. We believe that mobile storage has significant advantages over traditional self-storage in terms of convenience and cost. First, since we go to our customers to collect the storage items, they don’t have to worry about hiring removalists or going to the self-storage facility to drop off their belongings. Second, the items are stored in storage modules, the storage space is utilised efficiently, and the customer only pays the storage price for the number of modules they use. An additional benefit is that they can increase or decrease the number of storage modules they rent, thereby managing their self-storage cost effectively as their storage space requirements change.

Cheap self-storage units delivered to your home

Customised self-storage solutions – pick up and drop off storage

Our customers come to us with various needs. Sometimes they’re looking for cheap furniture storage units for home storage while other times a large self-storage facility for commercial belongings. No matter the requirements we offer a tailored mobile storage solution that caters to our customers needs. Our mobile storage pods are cheap storage units that offer an affordable self storage option to customers. Our customers save significantly on self storage rents because they only pay for storage space they utlise. This is a significant advantage over traditional self storage.

How much does storage cost?

There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of storage. The number of storage units, the module’s size, and the storage period’s duration all play a role in the price. The longer the storage unit is rented for, the more economical it’ll become. We offer various storage deals to our long-term storage customers that significantly reduces storage fees for them. These discounted self storage prices are normally offered to customers who use our storage for 6 months. You can check with our sales representatives at one of our self storage facilities for our current self-storage rates. Our friendly staff can also help you with self storage price comparison to help you choose the right storage option. You can easily work out the storage cost per month with their help.

Storage near you – Storage locations we serve

Are you wondering if there’s cheap storage near me? Being a mobile storage company, we come to you, so we’re always around! And if and when you need to access your storage unit, our storage facilities are conveniently located with free parking.

Avoid the hassle of taking your stuff to a
self-storage facility.

Our AFRA certified loaders will carefully move your items to one of Super Easy Storage locations near you in our portable storage modules.



Extra Space

Moving Overseas

Moving House

Moving Office



Extra Space

Moving Overseas

Moving House

Moving Office

* Short term & Long-term Storage Available

Don’t lift a finger.

Let us do all the hard work.

Self-storage couldn’t be easier. In fact, we think all storage companies should work this way. Our professional team brings a module to your door, carefully loads your items into our modules, then stores it in a secure warehouse nearby. With storage facilities located around the country, all you have to do to book.

Not sure of the space you need?

Let us help you figure out how much space you’ll need to fit all your items. We’ll find the right module solution for you, then secure it away in one of our self-storage facilities closest to you.

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