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Because one size doesn’t fit all

Everyone’s self-storage needs are unique. So before we arrive at your home or office, we’ll work with you to understand what you will be storing and why you are storing it.

Rest assured our professional team will advise you on which one better meets your specific storage requirements, so you’re not paying for more storage than you need.

Our standard 10 cubic meter Maxi-Mod container comes with protective padding, which is essential to keeping your items secure in transit, and an added extra that other storage companies do no include.

Over 85% of our customers take advantage of our Premium Service, which has a pick up price per portable module and includes:

  • Two industry trained moving experts
  • Traveling time to your home
  • An hour’s loading time on site, per module
  • Travel time and delivery back to our warehouse

It means we do all the hard work for you!

How it all works

Once you’ve decided on your storage requirements and terms, we’ll sort everything out in three easy steps.

  • 1We bring it
  • 2We load it
  • 3We Store It

Our team and a truck arrive at your home or office on your nominated date.

We have three pick up times each day. For the early bird pick up, our team will arrive at your home or office between 7am and 8am. For the morning pick up our team will arrive between 9 and 12 noon, and for the afternoon pick up between 12 noon and 3pm. The driver will call you on the day with an ETA.

It is difficult for us to give you an exact time for the afternoon pick up, as the early-bird jobs vary. Rest assured, our team will send you a text message on approach.

Our team will carefully load your packed home or office goods into your portable module. Each portable module has its own protective padding that will be used to wrap and secure your goods. We will also ensure your goods are packed correctly so they shift less during transit.

And because your portable self-storage module has its own padlock, it will be locked at your home or office once loaded, and will only be un-locked when returned to you. Plus, as the lock is brand new, we’ll issue with the one and only copy of the key.

Our team delivers your portable self-storage module to our secure warehouse.

Our qualified warehouse manager will lift your portable module via forklift into your reserved storage area. The self-storage warehouse is 100% weather safe and monitored by a private security company.

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Why it pays to go Supercheap?

  • We’re safe For your peace of mind all of our storage facilities are self-contained, fully locked and alarm-monitored.
  • We’re affordable We offer a choice of pick up and delivery services based on your budget.
  • We’re flexible We will store your goods from one week up to 10 years!
  • We’re competitive Our monthly storage rates are very competitive, and the longer you stay the more competitive they become.
  • We’re convenient We offer free access to your goods, 6 days a week.
  • We’re qualified Our team of industry-trained men will lift and load your goods for you.
  • We’re good value By choosing one 10m3 module or ordering multiple modules, it means you’ll only be paying for the space you really need.
  • We’re professional No matter what you need to pack, we’ll ensure it’s packed safely and securely. And we’ll give you some expert advice and tips on storage too.

Whatever your storage issues, we can help

The family man

Meet Steve, he’s been living in the same house for a few years now. During that time his family has grown and naturally, he’s collected more stuff along the way. The fact is, there’s not nearly enough room to store those precious things he wants to keep. He needs somewhere that’s secure, cheap and close by.

The Collector

Andrew can’t bear to throw anything away. From that fourth grade medal he won in a regional spelling-bee contest, to those argyle socks his aunty bought him last Christmas, there’s nothing he won’t keep. Only thing is he doesn’t have the space at home, so he needs somewhere safe and convenient to store his things.

The Traveller

Sam’s got the travel bug (again), so he’s taking a year out to explore Asia. Problem is he’s got nowhere to store the things he wont need on his trip, but will definitely want when he returns.

The Mover

Rachel’s moving house and she’s seen this as the perfect chance to de-clutter and pack up some of the things she’s not used or touched in years. She’s not quite ready to throw them away just yet, but for the time being she wants them stored away in a place, which she can access when she needs to.

The Boss

Dave’s just re-ordered a huge shipment of t-shirts from Vietnam. As he’s a small, home based business, he doesn’t have anywhere to store the stock. So he’s looking for somewhere that’s safe, affordable and preferably close to his office.

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Secure storage wherever you are in Australia

We now offer secure storage facilities in in the following Australian cities:

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