Check out our range of double-thickness cardboard boxes, tape, box cutters and buffering materials for breakables. Our packing materials ensure your possessions are nurtured all the way from your old to new home – at great prices!

Item Description Price Image
Tea Chest Carton 431 x 406 x 596 mm A BIG box suitable for many household items such as clothes, linen, toys and appliances – the most popular moving and storage box. $5.50 each (10+ $4.50 each)  
Book and Wine Carton 406 x 298 x 431 mm A smaller box for heavier items such as books, magazines, crockery and wine. $3.20 each (10+ $2.50 each)  
Archive Box Archive with Ease! No Tape Required

  • 390 x 306 x 260mm
  • One Piece Assembly
  • Built in Carry Handles
  • Hinged Lid
  • Designed for Reliable Stacking
$3.70 each (10+ $3.20 each)  
Tape48mm x 75m – Brown Vibac tape $3.90 each  
Tape DispenserMakes light work of big taping jobs. Indispensible! $17.00 each  
Padlock40mm wide solid brass padlock with chromed steel shackle $13.00 each