You can feel very secure entrusting Supercheap Storage with your goods. And we feel very secure in telling you this.

All of our storage facilities are self-contained, fully locked and alarm-monitored. So when your goods are stored with us, you know that their protection is our top priority.

And we provide not just a secure environment, but a clean and convenient one. While your goods are with us, we serve as their new home. And because it’s our home, we take care that all the premises are always clean and in the best condition.

Besides a pleasant storage environment, we make sure our hours are convenient to our customers’ schedules. Just give us three business days’ notice, and you’ll have full access to your goods Monday to Friday from 8AM to 4PM or Saturday from 9AM to noon. We also have full concierge services to oversee both inbound and outbound deliveries.

Another way we treat you right is by refunding your unused rent if you decide to move out early. And if you’re the type to think ahead, we’ll give you a free month if you pay your first six months in advance, but with no refund if you happen to leave early.