How to style your bedroom like a pro!

Expert tips on how to style your bedroom like a pro - by Chris Carroll

You spend a lot more time in your bedroom that you realise, but all too often we neglect this space and it ends up feeling anything but inviting. The good news is that styling up your bedroom doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either. And today I’m going to prove it.

Don’t feel like you have to spend tonnes on bedding. Or that you have to go for something bright or patterned. By going with something as simple as a white bedding set, you’ll be able to get a tonne more looks out of it throughout the year.

To this white setting, I’m adding a black base and some blue cushions and throws. The look I’m going for here is calm and a little more on the masculine side, so I’ve kept the space to three of four main colours so it doesn’t feel too visually jarring. It is a bedroom after all, so you wanna feel relaxed when you’re in it.

When it comes to the bed, loads of pillows really make the setting feel like a grand design moment. I reckon eight pillows altogether is a good number; two Euro’s, four standard pillows and then two cushions in front.

I know you have to take them off each night but I reckon it’s worth the effort.

So now that the bed is set we need to pimp out the bedside tables. Again, we’re going for a fairly pared back approach here. I’ve brought in some grey lamps and accessorised with colours from the bedscape; whites, blues and blacks.  Try not to overstuff the bedside or get a lamp that takes up too much room. I prefer to find a lamp with a smaller base that allows you to bring in some other decor like candles, books and your fave knick-knacks.

The artwork is also important in the bedroom, and it’s up to you if you want a bold feature piece or something less imposing. My advice is if you want something bright, but it above the bed so that you don’t see it when you’re lying in bed going to sleep. It’ll still make the room look amazing, but it won’t keep you away at night!

Don’t forget about the scent in the bedroom too. I’m a candle addict and love them in every room, but a diffuser will work just as well. Make sure you keep the bedroom well ventilated too and it’ll feel clean and airy every time you walk into it.  Last but not least, a little greenery is nice in a bedroom if you can squeeze it in. Some flowers or a plant on a bedside is nice. But even some fake plants can work too.

So as you can see, styling your bedroom like a pro is all about keeping the mood and colour palette cohesive, and making sure you include some pieces that speak to your personal style as well.