Expert tips from our Style Series

Meet Tiffany Benn, she is moving house extraordinaire, having moved over 20 times so far in the last decade. See the steps shes take and top tips to help save time and money on your next house move. It's the secret sauce of house moving!

So my very first tip

For moving home and making it a slightly less stressful experience and trying to keep some part of your sanity intact; I would suggest hiring a removals team I know it's a bit of an expense however if you get a good one it is entirely worth the cost your back muscle health your sanity and your stress levels.

It pays to get recommendations from your friends who have used them in the past. Note if somebody is very very cheap there's probably a reason behind that so try and find somebody that's middle-of-the-road that you've got the surefire recommendation and you probably won't go far wrong.

Okay, so my second tip

Is about all the junk I mean stuff that you find that you don't need any longer while you are packing the boxes. Without too much hassle you can, of course, get a rubbish removal team to come to your house, but that is a little bit expensive.

Once or twice a year you can get rubbish removal, ring up your council find out when they're doing the rubbish removal or book one in and get yourself organised, so you've got all your junk outside on the pavement ready for them to pick up when they come.

My third and final tip for your house move

Is the part that I utterly dread, especially when you're renting somewhere, that is the after move clean. It always seems impossible to reach the estate agents cleaning standards. Do yourself a favour and take away all the stress, it may cost you a couple of hundred dollars, but get a cleaning team in after you've left to give it a thorough clean.

It will make sure that you don't have to keep going back when the estate agents keep telling you that it's wrong. Let's be honest they probably will charge you for a full clean anyway so do yourself a favour and get it done correctly in the first place.

That's all for now!

Tiff x