Brisbane is a great city, alive and buzzing with activity. In such a city, people often feel the need for a removalist and/or storage service. Unfortunately, most of such services in Brisbane still operate in the same way they did decades ago – providing subpar service at premium prices just because they think people do not have a choice.

Well, we are here to say to the incredible people of Brisbane that there is now a different way to do removal and storage, a simpler, more convenient and, above everything else, a cheaper way to store your stuff – with Super Easy Storage Brisbane.

In short, our process goes something like this:

1. You play with our Storage Calculator

2. You give us a call and we work everything out together

3. Our Brisbane team comes to you

4. Either we load the mods or let you do it

5. We transport your things to one of our Brisbane warehouses

6. We return your things when you call us up

No really, it is as simple as that.

Just a Few Added Details

We pride ourselves on the simplicity and the straightforward nature of our process, but for those with whom we haven’t worked previously, here are a few more details. Remember, it is all about you, our customer.

We suggest that, before you give us a call, you check out our Storage Calculator. It is a piece of software we have developed ourselves, which gives people a better idea of how much space certain things (pieces of furniture, appliances, boxes of things) occupy. It is extremely easy to use and it will give you an idea of how much storage space you will need.

You will be given your space needs in terms of our storage mods, i.e. Super Easy Storage Modules. These are, basically, the containers in which your things are stored with us and which protect them while in storage.

Once again, we have developed these ourselves. For one, we decided on two sizes for our modules, sizes that make the most sense for the largest number of potential customers. Our Mini Storage Mod, for example, can pack an entire studio apartment (without appliances) or an average room. Our Maxi Storage Mod can easily pack two or even three bedrooms. In other words, you can fit an entire one-bedroom home into it, together with appliances and everything.

When you give our Brisbane offices a call, our experts will help you determine exactly how many Super Easy Storage mods you will need and which. You will also set a date and a time when our people will come over. You will also choose between our Standard and our Premium services.

With our Standard service, our team will bring over the modules and give you all the professional tips on packing and loading that you will need. However, you will have to pack and load your things yourself. With our Premium service, our team does everything, from packing to loading.

In both cases, your things will then be driven to one of our two Brisbane locations, one in Brisbane North and the other in Brisbane South, depending on where you live. Another option is to have the mods stored on your own property, which often gets chosen when people renovate their home.

We will store your things for as long as you need, and when you decide to take them back, you give us a call and we work out a delivery date that works for everyone involved. Of course, if you should have a need to access your things in the meantime, you can do so.

The important thing is that we work together, keep your things safe and provide you with the best customer service possible.

Things We Do Best
The Price

When you compare our prices to the more traditional removalists and storage services available in Brisbane, you soon realize that they are more than competitive. We like to think that we provide an unprecedented level of services at prices that anyone can afford. People from our Brisbane offices will also do everything in their power to work out a deal that will work best for you and that is another way in which we make our services more affordable.

Discover how affordable we are!

Two Brisbane Locations

There is nothing worse than having to drive across the city to get to your things that are in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. Not with Super Easy Storage Brisbane! We have two warehouses in Brisbane. Our Brisbane South warehouse is in Coopers Plains, and our Brisbane North warehouse is in Zillmere. Both of our warehouses are secured and they adhere to the strictest possible storage requirements, meaning that your things will be 100% secure and safe there.

Check out our warehouses!

The Storage Calculator

We are really proud of our Storage Calculator because we know how difficult it can be to calculate exactly how much storage space you need. With it, even people who have never packed a box in their life will easily work out how much space they need and how many of our Super Easy Storage Mods they will require. We have made sure our calculator is easy to use and also very precise.

Our Storage Calculator awaits!

The Super Easy Storage Modules

The very backbone of our business is the Super Easy Storage Modules where your things will be stored. They come in two sizes – the Maxi and the Mini, and they were developed to handle certain types of rooms and entire apartments. They are made from natural plywood which enables air to flow freely and provide natural ventilation for the content of the modules. They are a perfect size and they keep your things safe.

Find out more about our mods!

The Super Easy Storage Brisbane Team

While our modules are the backbone of Super Easy Storage Brisbane, our people are its brain and its heart. Our people are the ones you talk to and work out your deals with. Our people are the ones who come over and load your things in our modules. Our people are the ones who ensure your things are transported safely and stored securely. Our people are the ones who go out of their way to give you access to your things, even outside our regular work hours. Our people are here to help you and they will do it with a smile on their face.

Find out how good our people are!

Things You Get From Us

In the end, every removal/storage experience will come down to what the customer can get from the company providing the services. This is why we honestly think we are the best self-storage company in Brisbane – the attention we pay to each and every one of our customers.

Our customers, for example, get the quickest and the most hassle-free storage experience in all of Queensland. It all starts with a simple call that grows into a conversation about how we can help you. Our people talk to our customers and work out a deal that works best for them. From there on, we take care of everything – packing, loading, hauling and storing.

Our customers also get peace of mind. For one, you can rest assured that your things will be as safe with us as they are in your own home. Our modules are made from natural plywood which allows for completely natural ventilation. This way, we prevent moisture and mould causing problems for your stuff. Also, you are the only one with the key to the padlock that secures your modules. Finally, our two Brisbane warehouses feature state of the art security measures.

While we are on the subject of our Brisbane warehouses, they can be reached easily from major roads and they are open six days a week.

When storing, the last thing you need is worrying about who is taking care of your things and where.

With Super Easy Storage Brisbane, you can let go of all those worries!

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